Webcomic Debuts


Hello, and welcome to a new feature of Paper Cat Press: Webcomic Debuts! Links to new webcomics are provided, as well as the Patreon and/or social media accounts of the creators. Check out the promotional art and blurbs below to find your next new favorite story!

Webcomic Debuts

7″ Kara


7″ Kara is an all-ages watercolor adventure comic the whole family can enjoy together.  Follow Kara, a 7-inch tall girl, as she make friends and discovers that humans are more than just tall tales. Support the creator Becca Hillburn on her Patreon!



Alethia is a science-fiction comic featuring a variety of robots and their interactions in a world free of humans and violence. Each chapter is a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. But each is also part of the larger story.  Alethia is created, written and drawn by Kristina Stipetic, a finalist for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award.

The Blackblood Alliance


The Blackblood Alliance tells the story of the adventures and drama of wolf packs surviving at the end of the Ice Age. Support the comic and its creator Kay on Patreon!

Finding Home


Finding Home is a romance comic about coming to terms with who you are and finding your place in the world. Support the creator Hari on Patreon.

Goddess of Paradise


Goddess of Paradise is an 18+ adventure webcomic about a goddess retrieving her spirit harem and taking her land back from a rival god. Follow the artist Dee on Twitter.

Gold★Star! Delivery


Gold★Star! Delivery is about a group of unlikely heroes saving the world one package at a time! Well, okay, maybe not the world, and maybe nothing too heroic, but Jay and the gang will deliver anything, anytime, anywhere, ON TIME, guaranteed! Support the creator Jennifer on Patreon.



What if you could live in a place where crime didn’t–no, couldn’t– exist? When a mysterious attacker manages infiltrate the impenetrable city of Bætica for the first time in over 30 years, Zita must find out the truth about the ID program and the so-called perfect city it was made for. Read I.D. here, and support the creator fatcr0w on Patreon.

In Full Circle


In Full Circle is a semi-slice-of-life, semi-epic quest story, in which Tsukiko, bridge-keeper in Gettysburg and acting liaison between this world and many others, has to find a way to destroy a mysterious package she’s received in her office. To do so, she’ll have to solve seven puzzles, each more complicated than the last. Good thing she’s played all the Professor Layton games. Follow the creator Lilly on Twitter or Tumblr.

Last Traveler


Keira is lost in an alternate world where portal travelers are outlawed and met with an untimely end. Befriending dragons and hiding among nobility, she searches for a way home as deeper connections between this world and her own are uncovered. Read Last Traveler on Tapastic and support the creator Karen Heckman on Twitter or check out their website.

Lord of the Ringu


Lord of the Ringu is an animated comic mashup of Lords of the Rings, The Ring, and punny gags. Follow the creator Colin W on Twitter.

Love Circuits


Love Circuits premieres today! Yvonne King expected turning 25 to be full of surprises, but she didn’t expect a refurbished Heartbreaker named Lucos to be one of them. Now her relationship status has officially changed to “it’s complicated.” Follow creators Taneka and Genue on Twitter!

Niente Chronicles


Niente Chronicles follows the story of an enslaved elf who rescues his princess from certain doom and finds his freedom along the way. Check out the creator Sachairiah on Twitter!



Obelisk takes place in early 1900s New York City, and tells the story of Evelyn Reuter, a young woman who’s taken up the reins of her father’s business a year after he passed away. Hard-headed and ambitious, Eve tackles these new prospects with severity – and quickly finds herself full of questions about her father’s actions, as the secrets woven through his work fall into her hands. Haunted by the ghosts of his reputation and her own prospects, Eve begins to hunt for answers – and finds Margot, the eccentric owner of a curio shop who may not be entirely human. Support the creator Ashley McCammon on Patreon.


That’s it for this month! I’ll do another post next month with a new list of debuting webcomics. Do you have a webcomic that’s debuting? Feel free to provide me with a promotional image and blurb along with a link to your website(s) either here or through social media. If you enjoy Paper Cat Press, please consider supporting me through my Patreon or through Paypal.

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