Weekly Roundup: October 12, 2018

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s Weekly Roundup! In the Weekly Roundup, I provide links and summarized information about the crowdfunded projects, creator opportunities, and resources that have caught my eye over the week. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING! Some content below may feature NSFW content. Links will be marked NSFW! when the content identifies itself as adult material.

As a note: I am not sponsored by any company, group, or individual listed below or elsewhere on this site unless otherwise listed.

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  • SPX has created a legal aid fund in support of 11 indie artists and an indie publisher who are faced with a defamation lawsuit because they spoke out against another creator’s alleged pattern of sexual abuse. Please support their cause and send the message that survivors of sexual assault do not feel afraid to speak out against their abusers and supporters of victims should not pay for an abuser’s crimes.
  • Paper Cat Press’s “Links” pages is currently offline as it undergoes construction. Thank you for your patience!

Social Resources

Remember to rest, eat, and drink water when you can. Take care of yourself the best that you can. You, your presence, and your work have an incredible impact on the people around you. You should be here.


The 2019 Lambda Literary Awards are accepting submissions through December 1. Yes, comics are eligible. There is an entry fee of $50 per book.

The Jhalak Prize is accepting written works by UK-based writers of color published in 2018 until December 15. The selected recipient will receive £1,000.

Bitch Media is accepting submissions of leaders from marginalized communities for their Bitch 50 Awards.

Recent Webcomic Debuts

Check out this list of 2017 Webcomic Debuts and find a new series to read!

Looking for more webcomics? Check out Michael Kinyon’s ongoing and ever-growing list of creators!

Crowdfunded Projects

bangbangboomCreators Melanie and Del are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce the first volume of their webcomic Bang! Bang! BOOM! and its prequel novel in print. Bang! Bang! BOOM! follows the adventures and romantic relationship of a pair of gangsters fleeing from New York to Chicago in an alternate history version of Jazz Era America, in which magic exists and technology is advanced. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the graphic novel and novel prequel, buttons, charms, playing cards, prints, original artwork, and original prose. The Kickstarter ends on October 13.

leifandthornErin Ptah is raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Leif & Thorn Volume 1. This will be a full-color collection of the fantasy comedy webcomic, about a dragon-slaying knight with PTSD and an embassy gardener falling in love across a language barrier (also: vampires, industrial accidents, magical girls, and time travel). Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, mini-prints, custom artwork, and comic cameos. The Kickstarter ends on October 17.

frankensteinEditor Allison O’Toole and Megan Purdy are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce the anthology Called Into Being: A Celebration of Frankenstein. The work of over 30 illustrators and writers are collected in this 100-page black-and-white book discussing the impact of Mary Shelley’s seminal science fiction masterpiece. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the zine and prints. The Kickstarter ends on October 18.

papercutBeehive Books is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to publish I WILL LIVE FOREVER: Papercraft Comics by Maëlle DoliveuxI WILL LIVE FOREVER is a collection of six all-new short stories crafted in paper linked thematically and structurally by the concepts of mortality, rebirth, memory, and the interconnectedness of all things. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, timelapse process videos, postcards, prints, enamel pins, bookplates, and original artwork. The Kickstarter ends on October 23.

hanadokikiraThe second volume of Hana Doki Kira is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for its production. Contributing artists from the first volume and newcomers provided illustrations and comics based on the “doki doki” (heartbeat) moment of romantic love, often featured in the shoujo manga “genre” by which the editorial perspective is influenced. Tier options include digital and physical books, stationery, washi tape, postcards, notebooks, enamel pins, zipper pouches, and embroidered jackets. The Kickstarter ends on October 24.

circadiabutton_new3 Jenn Dugan is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce issues #3 and #4 of Circadia, with tiers include to “catch up” and get previous issues. Circadia is a queer fantasy/adventure/romance comics that follows Zara, a ballet dancer whose dreams begin to blur into her reality. Tier options include digital and physical copies of all available issues, stickers, enamel pins, behind the scenes PDFs, and original comic pages. The Kickstarter ends on October 31.

maidenmachinebutton_new3 Caitlin Like is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Maiden and the Machine Volume 1Maiden and the Machine is an ongoing gothic sci-fi romance webcomic that follows Elizabeth Watson, an orphaned young woman who, just before she is to be married, winds up working to rescue industrialist Victor Lovelace from sky pirates. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, a book plate, and original sketch, and a PDF comic and sketchbook collection. The Kickstarter ends on October 31.


button_new3 Space Between Entertainment is currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to produce Spooky Girls, a 60-page full-color comic. The book consists of four stories by five creators about growing up with “spooky girls” as the lead characters. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, a signed bookplate, bookmarks, pins, and cards. The Kickstarter ends on October 31.

beahauntedbutton_new3 Bea, Haunted is currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to fund its production. Bea, Haunted follows Bea, a young woman whose dreams of performing on stage are complicated when she begins to see ghosts. The book will consist of 100-120 full color comic pages to be completed in October 2019. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the finished book, prints, enamel pins, and more. The Kickstarter ends on November 2.


Draw the Line, a comics anthology addressing contemporary politics, is currently crowdfunding on Unbound. The 144-page hardback anthology featuring work by 114 artists encourages proactive responses to injustice and offers non-partisan guides for political actions and dissent. Tier options include digital and hardback copies of Draw the Line, prints, a bookplate, comics by David Blumenstein, commissions, and more. All proceeds following book production and shipping costs will be given to helprefugees.org.

konstantiniyyaReimena Yee is currently raising funds on Unbound to produce a hardcover edition of the first volume of her Eisner-nominated webcomic The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya. The Carpet Merchant is set in 17th-century Istanbul and centers a carpet merchant who must contend with his home, his relationships, and his faith after he is killed by a vampire. Tier options include digital and physical copies of Volume 1, bookmarks, an exclusive print by strangelykatie, postcards, an enamel pin, a signed bookplate, and a commission.


The Emerging Artists Zine, Volume 1: The Witching Hour is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to cover its production costs and raise funds for Pencils for Promise. Every artist featured in the zine – which has over 35 contributors – has not been previously accepted into another zine. The final book will be softcover with over 60 pages of full color illustrations within. Tier options include the digital or physical version of the zine.


Did you or will you table in an artist alley in the US this year? Take the 2018 Artist Alley Convention Survey here. The results of the 2017 survey are available here.

The Comic Tea Party is a weekly book club for webcomics. Participate in the Discord chat weekly on Thursdays at 5pm to 7pm PST. Sign your comic up for a chance to have it read and discussed in the group!

Comic-Con is hosting a one-day symposium on Storytelling Across Media in Balboa Park, CA on November 3. Admission is free, but you must pre-register online before arriving.

Comics podcast Dirty Old Ladies is seeking a podcast editor.

(Montreal, QC) Drawn + Quarterly is seeking a publishing fellow to begin work in January for their 2019 winter program. Submit applications by October 15, 8am EST for consideration.

Lion Forge Comics is hiring a Social Media and Community Manager.

The Spare Change Program is offering two $25 fee sponsorships for Black, PoC, and LGBTQ+ artists to cover the fees for calls for submissions and other application fees. Apply by October 25 to be considered for selection.


Check this list of animation jobs worldwide that’s updated daily. You can find a directory of currently open animation jobs at animatedjobs.comSee Entertainment Careers for more listings.

Comics, Illustration, and More

  • button_new3 Threadless is accepting artwork for the following design challenges: Holiday Party, due October 12; and Skateboards, due October 19; and Poetry, through October 26.
  • Bedside Press is currently accepting submissions of true stories about comic conventions through October 14. Prose, comics, or previously published work are accepted, so long as the rights are held by the creator. Bedside Press is also seeking an artist to collaborate with writer Adrienne Kress and will accept portfolios until October 31.
  • Antenna’s Open Call is accepting applications from local Louisiana artists and artists nationwide and internationally located through October 15. The selected nonlocal artist will be awarded a solo show for the 2018 calendar year, given an honorarium of $1,000, paid shipping, paid travel to and from New Orleans for the install and opening of the exhibition, accommodations in Antenna’s residency space, and the publishing of an exhibition catalog, artist book, or similar work with Antenna’s publishing center, Paper Machine.
  • The Embracing Our Differences 2018 Art Contest is accepting submissions from artists at all career stages through October 15. Three prizes of $1000 each will be given to selected entrants, whose works will be featured in a gallery show in early 2019.
  • button_new3 (Georgia, USA) The Hudgens Center of Art and Learning is accepting entries from Georgian artists for the Hudgens prize through October 15. The grand prize recipient will receive $50,000 and a solo exhibition; four runners up will be exhibited in a group show and will receive a $1,500 stipend to cover exhibition fees. There is a $30 entry fee.
  • The iJungle 2018 Illustration Awards are accepting entries through October 15. The entry fee is between $20 single works and $40 for multiple works. All winning entrants will be exhibited in the 2018 iJungle Illustration Annual, a publication available for free online. Gold medalists will have e-magazines dedicated to their work and will be interviewed.
  • The Tapirulan Illustrator’s Contest is accepting illustrated submissions of the theme “Chaos” until October 20. Work must be between 25x25cm and 40x40cm; digital works must be 31x31cm exactly. The entry fee is 15 euros, and there is an opportunity to win up to 2,500 euros.
  • The United States Mint is seeking artists to join its Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) through October 29.
  • Grit City Comics is accepting submissions of comics featuring monsters from the public domain through October 30. Creators will be paid per page contributed according to funds raised via Kickstarter.
  • button_new3 POME Mag is seeking pitches on 3-7 page instructional comics on spells through October 31 for their ETERNAL WITCHCRAFT Anthology. POME Mag pays creative teams $50 per black and white comic page.
  • The PAVE 2018 Student Design Competition is accepting submissions from college-level students studying retail planning, design, visual merchandising, and branding programs. Submit by November 1 for a chance at cash prizes.
  • Frisson Comics is accepting submissions for their horror zine Knock Knock Issue 10 through November 12. Submissions may be written or visual and up to 4 pages long.
  • The Asian America Writers’ Workshop is seeking contributions to its upcoming anthology A WORLD WITHOUT CAGES discussing life in prisons, jails, and immigrant detention. Essays, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and visual storytelling are welcome through November 16. Acceptable submissions are not limited to Asian-Americans.
  • Antenna is accepting unpublished comics and Guidebooks focused on some aspect of New Orleans at any stage of completion through November 30. There is a submission fee of $20. Artists of selected comics will receive an honorarium of $500, 50 printed copies, and royalties of $1/book should it be reprinted.
  • Moonlight: A Queer Werewolf Anthology is accepting pitches from comic creators and writers through November 30.
  • The Nib’s upcoming quarterly magazine is seeking pitches for the issue on “Scams” by November 30.
  • The Votes for Women anthology is accepting portfolio submissions from “creators who identify as female and have been affected by [the 19th amendment]” through November 30.
  • The Palos Verdes Art Center in Los Angeles, CA is seeking proposals from artists for its 2019 building wrap exhibition by December 1. The selected artist will receive $5000 and will be featured in the gallery.
  • Queerly Represent Me is accepting submissions for their annual zine “Represent” by December 31.
  • Girls Drawin’ Girls is accepting membership applications until January 2, 2019.
  • Lilies Anthology is accepting submissions to their 7th volume “Lily Bulb” through January 22, 2019. The theme of the anthology will be the environment and should represent female/lesbian romance, relationships, and/or sexuality.

Check out Arts for LA, Call for Entry, College Art OpportunitiesGraphic Competitions, or Hey, Art Friends for more exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities. See Find Anthologies for a list of anthologies with open submissions and to submit anthologies of your own. Check Chris Arrant’s #ComicJobs hashtag on Twitter. Check Comic Ops to see opportunities specifically for comic creators. Zine Submissions and Zine Scene have great lists of zines, too!

Conventions and Events

Con or Bust has free tickets available for people of color for a number of upcoming conventions, including GeekGirlCon, the World Fantasy Convention, the Nebula Conference, and more.

Here’s a list of international zine fests brought to you by ZINES!


Fan Zines

Looking for more fan zines to submit to? Check out ZineAppCalls or this incredible spreadsheet created by magicalzombie for more!

Have a finished zine project you want to advertise? Check out Zine RTer!

Mentorships & Fellowships

  • The Tiptree Fellowships are accepting applications from creators who explore gender through speculative narrative through October 31. Recipients will receive $500.
  • The We Need Diverse Books mentorship is accepting applications through October 31.
  • The Representation Matters Mentorship Program is accepting applications on a rolling basis from self-identified people of color interested in the publishing industry. Mentorships will last 6 months, with a minimum of one session every two months.

Residencies, Retreats, and Workshops

Check out the Alliance of Art CommunitiesArts for LA, College Art Opportunities for exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities.

Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Grants

Check out Arts for LA, College Art Opportunities, or this list by ProFellow for grant opportunities.


Sign up to teach at Skillshare to earn royalties based on the premium member students in your class. See here for additional information.

Voice Acting

Check the Casting Call Club and Voice Acting Space for more voice acting and audio opportunities.

Writing and Editing

Check out writingcareer.com for a list of calls for submission!

Youth & Internships



Remember to check ComiXologyDick Blick, Jerry’s Art-A-Rama, JoannMichael’s, and RightStuf for their weekly ads, coupons, and specials on comics and art supplies.


That’s it for this week! Look out for another post next week with these categories and possibly more. Is there something you’d like to see more of? Something you know about but don’t see here? Let me know! 

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Link to the previous Roundup: Weekly Roundup – October 5, 2018


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