Weekly Roundup: May 10, 2019

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s Weekly Roundup! In the Weekly Roundup, I provide links and summarized information about the crowdfunded projects, creator opportunities, and resources that have caught my eye over the week. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING! Some content below may feature NSFW content. Links will be marked NSFW! when the content identifies itself as adult material.

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  • button_new3 Comic publishers Lion Forge and Oni Press announced their merger. A number of employees were let go, including many queer people of color. The company will be consolidated into Oni’s current Portland, OR location, which other industry professionals identified as a city with historic and ongoing hostility towards Black people. The merger was in part motivated by the desire to create animation and film based on Oni Press and Lion Forge comics through studio Polarity, owned by Lion Forge.
  • button_new3 Adobe has increased the price for its Photography plan (which includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC) from $10 to $20 for some users.
  • On May 1, Redbubble announced that payouts will only be delivered on a monthly basis if more than $20 is made each month. To quote Redbubble, “If your earnings have not reached $20, they will accumulate until reaching $20 and you will be paid on the next cycle. If your earnings don’t reach $20 you will be paid once per year in January.”
  • SPX has created a legal aid fund in support of 11 indie artists and an indie publisher who are faced with a defamation lawsuit because they spoke out against another creator’s alleged pattern of sexual abuse. Please support their cause and send the message that survivors of sexual assault do not feel afraid to speak out against their abusers and supporters of victims should not pay for an abuser’s crimes.

Social Resources

Remember to rest, eat, and drink water when you can. Take care of yourself the best that you can. You, your presence, and your work have an incredible impact on the people around you. You should be here.


button_new3 Bitch Media is currently accepting nominations of “leaders from marginalized communities who have made a tangible impact in the previous 12 months in the areas of activism, education, entertainment, politics, science, sports, and technology” for its Bitch 50 awards.

The Penguin Random House Library Award for Innovation Through Adversity is accepting applications from US libraries and staff who overcome adversity and create lasting innovative community service programs that successfully inspire and connect with new readers. A $10,000 cash award will be given to a US library, and four runners-up will receive $1,000 in Penguin Random House books.

The Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award is open for nominations until May 22.

Eisner Awards voting is open until June 14. Are you a professional in the industry? Do you make webcomics? Then you can vote! Alex de Campi outlines the process here.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards is accepting submissions of works of horror created by women (cis or trans) until December 31. The awards will be announced in 2020.

Crowdfunded Projects

hexed2Kirsten Thomas is currently raising funds to produce the second issue of I Am HeXed. The supernatural political thriller follows Charlotte “Charlie” Helm as she and her friends work to uncover the source of anti-witch tensions and try to avoid being framed. Tier options include digital and physical copies of both Issue #1 and #2, prints, temporary tattoos, an enamel pin, a t-shirt, and more. The Kickstarter ends on May 15.

honeywallsBones McCay is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Honey Walls, an illustrated novel written, illustrated, and narrated by trans creators. Row, a trans man with no heart and repressed magic abilities, must confront his sister when she plans to ruin his life following their mother’s death. Tier options include digital, physical, or audiobook versions of the story and a watercolor painting. The Kickstarter ends on May 15.

waitingSami Brice is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Waiting: A Comic Anthology. The full-color anthology features 14 contributors, 16 stories, and over 90 pages of content. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the anthology, postcards, stickers, posters, original artwork, and more. The Kickstarter ends on May 16.

chorusfrogBrandon Braun is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce computer game Chorus: Frog Warrior. The role-playing adventure game features Chorus, a small frog determined to become a warrior despite the expectation that he should be a religious scholar. Tier options include a digital copy of the game, a digital copy of the soundtrack, a chance to design a character, and a chance to design a dungeon in the game. The Kickstarter ends on May 17.

powermercybutton_new3 Ylva Publishing is currently running a Kickstarter to produce The Power of Mercy, a Lesbian Superhero Graphic Novel. The Power of Mercy follows Mai Redstone, a shape-shifter superhero who must find a murderer and confront her loyalties to her family and to herself. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the graphic novel, digital and physical copies of related prose novels, stickers, a custom Pop figure, additional Ylva books, and a cameo. The Kickstarter ends on May 27.

tenderbutton_new3 ShortBox is currently raising funds to produce Tender: An Artbook by Choo. To quote the Kickstarter page, “From bloody boyfriends, sharp instruments, food anatomy, demon girls, fleshy and fresh vegetation, Choo’s art encompasses it all: it’s beautiful, horny, queer, contemplative, cute, fun, and much, much more.” Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, an enamel pin, stickers, and a print. The Kickstarter ends on May 31.

bear2button_new3 Pat Myers is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Bear Company 2: A Gay SFF Zine. The comic anthology feature 64 pages of science fiction and fantasy stories featuring fat gay men and the work of 8 contributors. Tier options include digital and physical copies of Bear Company 2 and digital and physical copies of other Pocket Bear Press zines. The Kickstarter ends on June 3.

kingdompanelbutton_new3 Arledge Comics is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce My Kingdom for a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology. The collection features nearly 200 pages and 26 original stories inspired by Shakespeare’s works created by an international group of contributors. Tier options include digital and physical copies of My Kingdom for a Panel, stickers, an enamel pin, stationery, and commissions. The Kickstarter ends on June 6.


The Comics Studies Society is accepting nominations for Executive Board positions.

The Latinx Collective shared a directory of Latina and Latinx small business owners and collectives. Check it out!

(New York, NY) Random House Graphic is seeking a Marketing & Publicity Manager.

Rory Polanco is seeking feedback about a potential book subscription service “LGBTQube.”

Did you or will you table in an artist alley in the US in 2019? Take the 2019 Artist Alley Convention Survey here. The results of the 2018 survey are available here.

The Comic Tea Party is a weekly book club for webcomics. Participate in the Discord chat weekly on Thursdays at 5pm to 7pm PST. Sign your comic up for a chance to have it read and discussed in the group!


Check this list of animation and gaming jobs worldwide that’s updated daily. You can find a directory of currently open animation jobs at animatedjobs.comSee Entertainment Careers for more listings.

Comics, Illustration, and More

  • endingbutton_4 button_new3 Threadless is accepting artwork for the following design challenges: Love is Love, due May 10; The Great Outdoors, due May 17; and Art Deco, due May 24.
  • Dirty Diamonds is seeking contributors for its tenth and final issue with the theme “Death” until May 31. According to their submissions page, “Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl anthology, meaning we are all-inclusive. If you are female/femme, we want your comics.”
  • Seethe Witch Press is seeking submissions from writers and artists until May 31. Contributors will be compensated $25 for small spells and $50 for either artwork or essays.
  • The Shounen Shoujo Manga Award is accepting entries until May 31. All submissions must be original content and 2 pages or longer (no upper limit designated). Bessatsu Manga, a co-host of the Shounen Shoujo Manga Award, is also accepting illustrations with the theme “heart skips a beat” until May 31. Winners of the contests will receive a cash prize, a promise to have your work published, and you will be assigned an editor.
  • Miss Anthology is accepting submissions to their 2019 comic anthology from women and/or LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Pacific NW who are between ages 9 and 21 until June 1.
  • Wayward Kindred is currently accepting pitches and artist applications until June 9. Creative teams will be paid $51 USD per page for a maximum of 12 pages. Half is paid up front, and the remainder a month after the Kickstarter completes. Creators will still be paid in the unlikely event the Kickstarter fails.
  • Lilies Anthology is accepting submissions for Volume 8 with theme “dreams” until June 15.
  • Bonfire Comics is accepting submissions for Topia: a Bonfire Anthology until July 15. Submissions must be between 1-16 pages. Illustrators will be paid $45 per illustration, and comic creators will be paid $15 per page. Artists will receive 5 copies of the finished book.
  • button_new3 Sound: A Comic Anthology is accepting submissions from artists of Asian descent living in Southeast Asia until July 31. Selected contributors will receive a page rate of $30/page.
  • The Silent Manga Audition is accepting entires for its 12th competition with the theme “New Beginning” until September 30.
  • The JUMP Paint Global Artistic Manga Award is accepting entries until September 24. Entries must be over 3 pages and submitted through the JUMP Paint app, and can be either original works or based on title selected by the JUMP editing team.
  • Object Head Zine: Science and Technology is accepting submissions until October 2. Entries will be accepted provided that the follows the theme and rules. The zine will be available digitally for free.

Check out Arts for LA, Call for Entry, College Art OpportunitiesGraphic Competitions, or Hey, Art Friends for more exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities. See Find Anthologies for a list of anthologies with open submissions and to submit anthologies of your own. Check Chris Arrant’s #ComicJobs hashtag on Twitter. Check Comic Ops to see opportunities specifically for comic creators.

Conventions and Events

Con or Bust has free tickets available for people of color for a number of upcoming conventions, including NorWesCon, the Locus Awards weekend, the Nebula Conference, and more.

Here’s a list of international zine fests brought to you by ZINES!


Fan Zines

Looking for more fan zines to submit to? Check out this spreadsheet created by magicalzombie for more! Have a finished zine project you want to advertise? Check out Zine RTer!


Check this list of animation and gaming jobs worldwide that’s updated daily.

Mentorships & Fellowships

  • button_new3 (Minneapolis, MN) The Milkweed Fellowship is offering a one- to two-year paid and immersive publishing fellowship at the Milkweed Editions offices. Applications will be accepted until June 6.
  • (Portland, OR) Helioscope is accepting applications for its Fall mentorship program until May 31.

Residencies, Retreats, and Workshops

Check out the Alliance of Art CommunitiesArts for LA, College Art Opportunities for exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities.

Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Grants

  • LGBTQ people of color are invited to apply for the Kay Longscope Scholarship until May 21. From the website: “The scholarship award for 2019-2020 academic year will provide up to $3,000 tuition assistance to an LGBTQ student of color who plans a career in journalism and is committed to furthering NLGJA’s mission of fair and accurate coverage of the LGBTQ community.”
  • The Dash Grant is now accepting applications from small press creators until May 24. Recipients will receive a $250 grant to produce their book and premiere it at Short Run 2019, receive a free half table to Short Run, receive access to Fogland Studios in Seattle (and optional instruction), receive online mentorship, and be featured in an art show at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery.
  • The AAEC/John Locher Memorial Award is accepting submissions from cartoonists aged 18-25 whose work demonstrates both clear opinions and strong artistry on political and social topics until June 15.
  • The Louise Meriwether First Book Prize is currently accepting fiction and narrative fiction from women of color and nonbinary writers of color until June 28. One winner will be awarded a $5,000 advance (half at the time of the initial award and half upon publication) and a contract to publish their book with the Feminist Press in print and digital editions in spring 2021.
  • The Mo Siewcharran Prize is accepting submissions from previously unpublished BAME authors until July 12. Prize winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to be published by Dialogue Books.

Check out Arts for LA, College Art Opportunities, or this list by ProFellow for grant opportunities.


Sign up to teach at Skillshare to earn royalties based on the premium member students in your class. See here for additional information.

Voice Acting

Check the Casting Call Club and Voice Acting Space for more voice acting and audio opportunities.

Writing and Editing

Check out writingcareer.com for a list of calls for submission!

Youth & Internships

  • endingbutton_4 button_new3 (New York, NY) Kodansha Comics is seeking a paid summer intern, but applications are due today, May 10.

  • (Somerville, MA) Candlewick Press is seeking interns in Design, Editorial, Graphic Production, Marketing, Production and Manufacturing, Publishing Technologies, and Sales.
  • Comics Club highlights and connects comic clubs and shares advice and resources to help youth comic creators.
  • button_new3 (New York, NY) Inkluded Academy, a tuition-free publishing course for marginalized college graduates interested in publishing, is accepting applications until June 10th.
  • inQluded is seeking out a volunteer/unpaid QTPOC high school or college student for a nonfiction editor position. They’re also accepting submissions.
  • LGBTQ people of color are invited to apply for the Kay Longscope Scholarship until May 21. From the website: “The scholarship award for 2019-2020 academic year will provide up to $3,000 tuition assistance to an LGBTQ student of color who plans a career in journalism and is committed to furthering NLGJA’s mission of fair and accurate coverage of the LGBTQ community.”
  • My Documented Life maintains a list of scholarships for undocumented students.
  • Natalie “Tally” Nourigat offers advice & resources for young cartoonists ages 14-18 (although this is good advice for creators at any age)!
  • The NewPages Young Writers Guide for artists and writers shares publications seeking applications from youth contributors.
  • Titmouse is seeking production and art interns in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA.
  • (Needham, MA) WB Games Boston is seeking a Technical Artist Intern (temporary).
  • We Need Diverse Books is accepting applications for their Internship Grant.
  • (New York, NY) Workman Publishing is seeking an Editorial Intern and a Publicity Intern.



Remember to check ComiXologyDick Blick, Jerry’s Art-A-Rama, JoannMichael’s, and RightStuf for their weekly ads, coupons, and specials on comics and art supplies.


That’s it for this week! Look out for another post next week with these categories and possibly more. Is there something you’d like to see more of? Something you know about but don’t see here? Let me know! 

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Link to the previous Roundup: Weekly Roundup – May 3, 2019




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