Paper Cat’s 2020 Holiday Market – Updated 11/27/20

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s 2020 Holiday Market! Through the end of the year, I’ll be sharing small businesses, independent artists, and shops every few days. Make a purchase or share the listings to help out small businesses this holiday season. Scroll down to check out the listings!

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QueerCatCo: We make fandom and pride jewelry and accessories!

Ulna Younger Illustration: I am an illustrator and surface designer that likes to draw original works of plants and cute animals. I sell stickers, prints, enamel pins, totes, and more!

■ bosk: Zines, prints, stickers, pins and charms with retro sci-fi vibes and obscure fandom merch!

PeachJugo: Hi I’m PeachJugo and I sell cute prints, stickers, and zines at my shop! You can also find me on twitch, twitter, and instagram at peachjugo.

Mcapriglioneart: Relaxing and cool art prints with colorful gay vibes and rainbows! Also cute stickers for every occasion!

Anna Puchalski: One of a kind painted and illustrated items including wood matryoshka (nesting dolls), portraits, and occasional fiber arts. Custom requests possible.

Maridoodles: MaridoodlesShop sells original and fanworks, featuring prints, charms, stickers, and zines. Maridoodles’ work is cute and detailed, often focusing on beautiful and magical girls, mermaids or witches. You can also find adorable fanworks of Zelda titles, Super Mario Galaxy, Ghibli movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more! All orders ship fast and come with a cute original mini portrait!

GentleMoonBell: Residing in the city that never sleeps GentleMoonBell creates cute, cuddly, and whimsical plush and precious accessories! Ranging from fanworks to original works.

PeckNOrder: I offer a range of things that can cater to a specific, nerdy niche, like Dungeons & Dragons or an anime, to something as simple like stuff with cute, pastel-colored animals. Whether it’d be for helping you to go on a fantastical adventure or to gather the Dragon Balls, surely there is something I can probably provide.

Rainubrew: Rainubrew is a self run artist based in California! We bring you the cutest merch, drawn in a soft and unique style, with both fanart and original content! We have items such as charms, stickers, and prints. Each item is made with 100% love and cuteness!

Jasmine Faye’s Shop: I don’t have much, but I have earrings, charms, acrylic pins, and stickers (I also take commissions for art).

Black Cats Blue Moons: Are you a cat lover? Enjoy a magical array of styles and colors? Black Cats Blue Moons hosts a variety of cute digital and handmade items including magnets, prints, and more!

thousandwrecks: I’m an illustrator that specializes in spooky queer aesthetic! Sparkly haunted cats, kisses from beyond the grave, and clairvoyant crystals–all in prints, stickers, bookmarks, and more.

Vivi Doodle Press: A small independent queer artist that makes a verity of things including zines, buttons, stickers, apparel, and more!

Shroompunk Studios: Midcentury, psychedelica, furries–I’m an artist with a very 70s twist on life that specializes in custom commissions, either digital or oil painted. I can draw furry, human, mech, backgrounds, and pretty much anything else you ask for, I shy away from nothing… well, as long as it’s SFW. If you’re looking for a fully custom piece or maybe want to take advantage of one of my monthly free backgrounds to add your character into, give me a holler this holiday season!

The Zone Universe: Works based on The Zone Universe, an Alternate Universe based on Milo Murphy’s Law which is currently being told as a webcomic. Items being sold include prints and downloadables, which can be found in its Gumroad and Redbubble! Proceeds will go to charities in Indonesia, because the artist is Indonesian herself.

Miniature Inspirations: Miniature Inspirations specializes in creating miniature handmade needle felt sculptures of animals, anime characters, fandom characters, food, objects and more.

Kelly Latham Art: Hi, I’m Kelly and I draw things! Colorful cute stickers, buttons, art prints, pins, handmade zines, and originals! Free Shipping too!

Sabor Tropical: My store features all my zines, which are mostly autobio/perzines exploring the intersections of identity like mental heath, sexuality, and being Puerto Rican. Some zines are in Spanish, and I also have a variety of colorful, Caribbean inspired prints and posters to add some vibrancy to your space! My shop will soon feature some more classic anime posters as time goes on, so take a peek!

RebekahLauzier: Art featuring a haunting mix of life and death, Still life animals, green growth and the inevitable end we all face in death.

Basil Wright: I’m a sensitivity consultant and translator. I’ve done consultations for various TTRPGs and also written works for an anthology. I can translate for Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek.

Cosmignon: My name is Sara, aka Cosmignon, and I’m a lesbian commission artist for digital character illustrations! If you’re looking for someone to draw your ocs, fan characters, or fanart for an established character you like, I’m your girl! My specialties include sfw PDA, diverse body types, and working with limited visual/written references for pieces like that dnd character you love to play and have no art for! I’m also a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and wlw, so if that sounds promising please check out my commission info!

Project Shiro Studios: Funny original comics and beautiful girls are my jam. I make original science magical girls and Critical Role fanart.

Red Fox Cards: Red Fox Cards produces quirky and nerdy greeting cards, bookmarks, stickers and more. Included are cute animals and fantasy creatures, alongside goth, Pride and geeky designs.

Thanks for checking out the listings. More to come!

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