Paper Cat’s 2020 Holiday Market: Edition 2 (12/5/20)

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s 2020 Holiday Market! Through the end of the year, I’ll be sharing small businesses, independent artists, and shops every few days. Make a purchase or share the listings to help out small businesses this holiday season. Scroll down to check out the listings!

sunvitamin cafe: Come visit a cafe inspired sticker & keychain shop filled with cute desserts and even a refreshing orange juice! Every sticker is packaged with care and sets come with a free additional sticker!

Space Turtle Studios: Hi! I’m an illustrator and comic creator. I make bright, colorful fantasy artwork suitable for all ages.

Jeff Powers Illustration: Jeff Powers is a fine artist & illustrator who works in both traditional & digital media. If you are into dinos, birds, cute dragons, or fantasy / horror, check out his shops!

Team Manticore: Team Manticore is a husband and wife artistic duo creating plushies, movies, paintings, games, décor, comics, and more! Many of our products support charities. We make the adorable, the frightening, and the unique.

Honeypuff Press: We’re a small cat press, with big art dreams! Honeypuff Press sells a variety of merchandise, ranging from stationery, to accessories, to prints & decor! We have a very fun and whimsical style, and include a whole rainbow of colors & saturation, (especially pink!) Check us out if you’re looking for cute & charming merch made with a lot of love!

SucculentScribbles: Hey guys! My name is Scribbles and I’m a Jack of all trades artisan who specializes in terrariums, squishies, jewelry, accessories, and much much more! My commissions are open so hit me up!

Art of Elaine Ho: Fanart & original art of broken & the beautiful.

Midi Mayo: Midi Mayo is a colorful cute shop with various fanart and now original merchandise! She loves to make small decorative items such as buttons, charms, stickers and more!

jAmz Custom Designz: This is where custom apparel and items are made the way you like! Get clothing, hats, mugs, and more from this black owned business.

seb pines: a collection of handmade items ranging from zines about feelings, zines that are games, zines that are games about feelings, and patches and apparel.

Art & Comics by Erin Shuttleworth: I make comics and illustrations, varying from daily life, magical skeletons, fan art and cats. There’s something for everyone at my shop!

Tiffany Tate Shop: My work is cute and spooky with a bit of fantasy inspiration.

Cat Lady Creates: Cat Lady Creates sells cat themed apparel, stickers, colouring books and more!

Elle Skinner: I’m a queer comic artist and fairytale nerd who loves working in watercolor. Come check out my shop for fairytale comics, original F/F art, mermaids in teacups, cute sharks, and tiny watercolor paintings!

Will Quinn: I sell adorable bunny prints, stickers and original drawings! I also have a few non-bunny comics and zines as well.

Aim Ren: Comics, risograph zines, prints, and stickers designed by the artist.

For Love of Books and Boxes: I make handmade boxes, journals and portfolios based on historic designs and structures. They are study, roomy and custom options are available – I love to infuse beauty into everyday useful objects.

Duckkhardt: My name is Megan, I am an independent freelance artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. My main medium is watercolors but I love experimenting and trying out anything I can. I carry a variety of items from stickers and posters to t-shirts and mugs! Everything is designed and made by me, so commissions and custom orders are always welcome.

BONE CHAR ARTWORKS: Hi, I’m Finley! I do traditional inked pieces that make fantastic gifts, as well as digital work if you’re looking for a more polished vibe. I’ll draw just about everything, but I specialize in character art, animals (especially horses, please make me draw horses), and print & pattern design. Pieces are completely custom commissions that take 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the level of complexity.

The Haunted Bouncy Castle: Jinx and Jonas are the creative partnership behind The Haunted Bouncy Castle! They’ve been creating art together for 6 years and are excited to have their own creative small business in Glasgow, Scotland. We are a queer, neurodivergent, small business that specializes in handmade halloween themed gifts and pastel gothic home decor. Spooky mugs, gothic t-shirts, pumpkin plushies, ghost plant pots and witchy pin badges are just a few of the gifts our store has to offer! Please visit our online shop to view all our colorful and spooky wares! All of our products are designed and handmade by us!

Jacinda Aytch: Vibrant originals and fanworks that range from solemn to sensual. If you’re looking for a commission over a print please check out the “Commissions” tab of the website for pricing.

IntroSpectres: IntroSpectres is creating vibrant prints and charms–both fanworks and originals with a fantasy bend, including a new set of all 12 dnd class charms.

Starcraft Studio: Hand-made, one of a kind pinback buttons made from recycled sources including comics, magazines, cards, and more!

michiums shop: A one stop shop for woodland themed original and fanwork merchandise! come for rad pins, charms, patches and more, possibly eat a bigot as a bonus.

Worm Land Press: Feel like your walls aren’t hauntingly beautiful enough? Do you crave another reminder of your own mortality and, unrelatedly, love supporting trans artists and their hungry cats? Worm Land Press is here with wares to end your woes! We offer original linocut and woodcut prints, hand-carved and hand-printed for all your tastefully macabre needs by our skilled and only printmaker. With a wide selection of sizes and colors, as well as themed combo-packs and discount options, Worm Land Press is sure to fulfill that sad little raven in your (or your lover’s) heart. ❤

Check out the first edition of the Holiday Market here!

Thanks for checking out the listings. More to come!

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