Guest Post Guidelines

Paper Cat Press is now accepting pitches from journalists, writers, researchers, or anyone with something to say relevant to contemporary independent illustrators, artists, comic makers, writers, and other creators who may use Paper Cat Press.

An example of a relevant article would be this post on the Costs of Online Storefronts and Marketplaces. Other examples include: rates, benefits, and downfalls of different web services; indie or small press publishing insights; storytelling insights, from the perspective of an author, an artist, or someone else; and other related topics.

#OwnVoices articles are encouraged and preferred. Paper Cat Press does NOT accept previously published or syndicated articles. Any articles published on Paper Cat Press are NOT allowed to be cross-posted to other websites except for author blogs; however, the post on the author’s blog must go live following Paper Cat Press publication.

Writers of selected pitches will be paid $50 per article, but are welcome to negotiate rates.


I’m currently seeking in-depth journalism regarding Patreon flagging the work of LGBTQIAP+ creators as mature content when their work is “safe for work.” Here’s an article from The Daily Dot written by Alex Dalbey about the issue. Insight on how this impacts creators, particularly LGBTQIAP+ creators and creators of color, and how it further ties into other discriminatory practices both offline and online for those creators and other services they use, is encouraged.

I’m also interested in the most recent purge of NSFW blogs by Tumblr, and how it impacts creators of NSFW art, especially as they are ousted elsewhere. How does this impact safety and financial security?

Reviews and Interviews

Paper Cat Press is currently not open to pitches featuring reviews or interviews. However, I may accept pitches in the future for comic book reviews, webcomic reviews, creator interviews, and other similar articles. To stay informed of future desired articles, please check back often or subscribe to the mailing list (coming soon).

Pitch and Style Guide

To submit a pitch, email with the subject line QUERY. Within the email, please submit an abstract of your article describing what you are addressing, who the article is relevant to, and what conclusions or solutions you intend to share. Explain how you will come to these conclusions and include relevant sources including scheduled interviews and an estimated timeline for article completion. Standard rates for articles are $50 upon completion. If you would like to negotiate a different rate, please request suggested rate and reasoning in pitch email. You will receive an email response within 7 business days.

If I accept your pitch, please submit your article within the agreed upon time frame via Google Docs (make sure permissions are set to allow track changes). Please separate each paragraph with a single line break. Please only use one space after one sentence ends and another begins. I will edit your article, and may send you the edited article to approve before I post it. Once a publishing date is scheduled, you will be paid via PayPal.