Weekly Roundup – September 16, 2016

Hello, and welcome to another Weekly Roundup!  Here I'll provide links and summarized information about the crowdfunded projects, creator opportunities, and resources that have caught my eye over the week. I hope you enjoy! As a note: I am not sponsored by any company, group, or individual listed below or elsewhere on this site unless … Continue reading Weekly Roundup – September 16, 2016

Saturday Reads – September 10, 2016

Hello, and welcome to Saturday Reads! Here I share some of the interesting articles and interviews I've happened across during the week. Read them over your coffee, at your leisure, share with friends, and, ideally, enjoy! NOTE: Bolded links are the "Reads," whereas regular unembellished links provide more information and professional links. Here's an amazing … Continue reading Saturday Reads – September 10, 2016