Holiday Gift Guide Sign-Ups

Hello! I’m working on a Holiday Gift Guide featuring YOU and creators like you. Whether you make comics, fandom merchandise, crafted items, or resources like brushes and tutorials, I want to feature them here!

Why? Because the holidays are here and a lot of shopping goes on this time of year. Because independent creators, artists, small-press companies, and teachers make content that is just as exciting, if not more so, than mainstream gift options. Even with limited funds, you can give a gift that’s meaningful to both the recipient and the artisan behind its creation. And you can share the work of the creators you admire with the people you value most.

I will be creating a list of shops in alphabetical order, listing the items they sell and the fandoms, genres, or original content found there. I’d also really like to make lists of items for specific groups, such as “Pokemon fans” or “Comic Readers,” but this will depend on how much time I have to do it.

The list of shops will go up by November 24, 2016! Want to be a part of it? Please enter your information into this Google form so I can share your work.

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