Weekly Roundup: March 1, 2019

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s Weekly Roundup! In the Weekly Roundup, I provide links and summarized information about the crowdfunded projects, creator opportunities, and resources that have caught my eye over the week. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING! Some content below may feature NSFW content. Links will be marked NSFW! when the content identifies itself as adult material.

As a note: I am not sponsored by any company, group, or individual listed below or elsewhere on this site unless otherwise listed.

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Social Resources

Remember to rest, eat, and drink water when you can. Take care of yourself the best that you can. You, your presence, and your work have an incredible impact on the people around you. You should be here.


The Comics Studies Society is accepting nomination letters for four different awards until today, March 1. The awards include the CSS Article Prize, the Seldes Prize, the Charles Hatfield Book Prize, and the Hillary Chute Award for Best Graduate Student Conference Presentation.

The Eisner Awards are now accepting submissions through March 15. Publishers may submit a maximum of five nominees for any one category, and the same item or person can be submitted in more than one category. Individual creators can also submit.

Eisner Hall of Fame voting for 2019 is open until March 15. Comics professionals working in the industry are welcome to vote.

button_new3 The annual Chelsea Awards, awarded by the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists, is accepting nominations through March 15. Read this thread from Sam for more information on the award and the AFSA!

The Hugo Awards are accepting nominations from WorldCon members until March 15. Renay made this handy spreadsheet so that members can more easily find your sci-fi/fantasy or SF/F-adjacent work and nominate it for voting. Creators from around the world can add themselves to the spreadsheet and are encouraged to do so for the best visibility. Nilah Magruder also explained the Hugos further in this thread!

button_new3 A2CAF is accepting nominations for its Kids’ Comics Awards until April 1.

You can vote for the Locus Awards until April 15.

The DiNKy Awards are accepting submissions for their 2019 show until today, March 1.

The Penguin Random House Library Award for Innovation Through Adversity is accepting applications from US libraries and staff who overcome adversity and create lasting innovative community service programs that successfully inspire and connect with new readers. A $10,000 cash award will be given to a US library, and four runners-up will receive $1,000 in Penguin Random House books.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards is accepting submissions of works of horror created by women (cis or trans) until December 31. The awards will be announced in 2020.

Crowdfunded Projects

neversatisfiedHiveworks is currently raising funds to publish the paperback edition of comic Never Satisfied’s first volume. In this all-ages comic, magic apprentices compete for the coveted title of “representative” and forge friendships and rivalries along the way. tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, a digital wallpaper, postcards, and keychains. The Kickstarter ends on March 2.

vagabondVagabond Comics is raising funds on Kickstarter to produce its tenth issue as a full-color comic anthology. The volume features 17 stories about community and family. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, an enamel pin, buttons, a sticker, a tote bag, an embroidered hat, and more. The Kickstarter ends on March 3.

awakeningArtist Melquea Smith is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Awakening: An Uplifting Art Book. The paperback book will feature 32 pages of full-color artwork as well as Melquea’s personal reflections on dealing with creative and personal setbacks intended to inspire and uplift artists. Tier options include a copy of the book, computer and cell phone wallpapers, a 90-minute video on the artist’s process, original artwork, and a commission. The Kickstarter ends on March 3.

foxyArtist Yoshi Yoshitani is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce her book “Foxy Fashions.” The hardcover art book will feature 56 pages with 21 color illustrations and 4 tutorials. Tier options include the book, a signed book with a sketch inside, an enamel pin set, prints, and more with stretch goals. The Kickstarter ends on March 5.

paintthetownredJ. Kiakas is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce Paint the Town Red Volume 1.1. Paint The Town Red is a noir-inspired rom-com, and this volumes features the shelter for wayward werewolves maintained by werewolves Winny and Odile. The book will be black and white and feature 100 pages of content. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, additional books, and commissions. The Kickstarter ends on April 7.

dhibidComic artist Rad is current raising funds to produce Die Hibi Die Volume 0: Welcome to the Jungle. In this volume of Die Hibi Die, the Beastman people of Tatibah transgress against Primordial Law, in hopes of raising a feral child they find in the civilized ways of a Beastman. The paperback book will feature 68 pages of black and white comics. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, a digital wallpaper, and a print. The Kickstarter ends on March 12.

deceptionKel McDonald is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce the print edition of The Dead Deception. Detective Maria Pimienta’s new partner is Connor Burke, the first and only open werewolf detective. As casualties pile up, she begins to suspect him as a suspect in a murder case. The Dead Deception is the third book in The City Between series, but any of the series can be read as a stand-alone novel. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, digital or physical bundles of “The City Between” books, and additional digital and/or physical books. The Kickstarter ends on March 13.

cosmicbutton_new3 Illustrator Michi is currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to produce two LGBTQ+ themed Cosmic Lovers enamel pins. Tier options include enamel pins, stickers, an acrylic charm, and a notepad. The Kickstarter ends on March 17.

bandvsbutton_new3 Comic artist Kathleen Jacques is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to produce a reprint of Band Vs. Band: Volume 1. The comic, currently an ongoing webcomic, is a retro-inspired enemies-to-lovers queer romance between competing musicians. The reprint will feature additional pages of bonus content. Tier options include digital and physical copies of both Volume 1 and 2, a risograph print, an original sketch, and guest artist postcards. The Kickstarter ends on March 20.


button_new3 Comic artists J Doyle and Y Zhou are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to reprint the first chapter of Battery Acid. The story is summarized on its campaign page: “After falling out in middle school, Ono Kazuo and Hasegawa Seiji find themselves on the same baseball team in high school. Determined not to let awkward memories ruin their halcyon days, Ono and Hasegawa try to make amends and work through their issues… leading to some unexpected developments.” Tier options include digital and physical copies of Chapter 1, access to Chapter 2’s development blog, prints, an acrylic charm, a signed bookplate, and original artwork. The Kickstarter ends on March 21.


button_new3 Cloudscape Comics is currently raising funds to produce The Witching Hour, a duotone comic anthology by women and nonbinary contributors from Western Canada. The book features 11 stories of different genres that reflect upon the definition of what a witch can be. Tier options include digital and physical copies of the book, an enamel pin, a bookplate, and other comics from Cloudscape. The Kickstarter ends on March 24.


The Comics Studies Society is accepting nominations for Executive Board positions.

Sakura-Con is hiring Japanese-speaking Guest Relations to assist their Japanese guests of honor.

Under the Ink is hosting a survey on Webcomic Self-Marketing. They’re seeking 100 submissions so they can publish the results.

The Latinx Collective shared a directory of Latina and Latinx small business owners and collectives. Check it out!

Did you or will you table in an artist alley in the US in 2019? Take the 2019 Artist Alley Convention Survey here. The results of the 2018 survey are available here.

The Comic Tea Party is a weekly book club for webcomics. Participate in the Discord chat weekly on Thursdays at 5pm to 7pm PST. Sign your comic up for a chance to have it read and discussed in the group!

(Irvine, CA) Game studio Nexon is currently hiring artists, designers, and programmers. They’re also seeking localizers for contract work in El Segundo.


Check this list of animation jobs worldwide that’s updated daily. You can find a directory of currently open animation jobs at animatedjobs.comSee Entertainment Careers for more listings.

Comics, Illustration, and More

  • Comics Beat is doing a daily feature of free comics in 2019.
  • Threadless is accepting artwork for the following design challenges: Tropicália, due March 1; and Kawaii, due March 8.
  • The OC Adventure Zine “A Call to Action” is accepting applications from artists and writers until today, March 1. Profits will be evenly distributed amongst contributors after printing costs are covered.
  • Oneshi Press is currently accepting submissions for their upcoming Summer 2019 issue until today, March 1. Creators will be paid royalties based on book sales.
  • The Oxford Comics Network has a Call for Papers on “Comics and Travel” open until March 8.
  • Power and Magic Press is accepting pitches for The Queer Witch Comics Anthology Volume 2 until March 10. Contributors must be a person of color and a woman, “whether fully or partially or complicatedly.” Use the hashtag #CovenSearch if you’re look for a team member!
  • Augmented: A 2019 Cyberpunk Anthology is accepting pitches until March 12. Contributors will be paid $50 per full color comic page.’
  • Hellcat Press is accepting submissions to its horror comic anthology Dark Lady Returns from female (cis or trans) contributors until March 15.
  • SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is accepting submissions from webcomic creators for their Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Charity Zine until March 15. Creators do not need to be affiliated with SpiderForest Webcomic Collective. Submissions should include original webcomic characters as children.
  • ComixCentral is accepting 1-12 page all-ages comics with the theme “family” for an anthology until March 31. Contributors will be compensated with 3 printed books per page of comics they produce.
  • The Silent Manga Audition is now accepting entries for its 11th competition through March 31. Submit text-free comics of 31 pages or less with the theme “Promise” for a chance to win cash prizes, professional feedback, and editorial support.
  • The Webcomic Almanac 2.0 is accepting submissions until April 6. The charity art zine is for webcomic creators to submit new artwork promoting their series.
  • Clip Studio Paint is accepting submissions of illustrations and comics with the theme “gift” from students until May 9.

Check out Arts for LA, Call for Entry, College Art OpportunitiesGraphic Competitions, or Hey, Art Friends for more exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities. See Find Anthologies for a list of anthologies with open submissions and to submit anthologies of your own. Check Chris Arrant’s #ComicJobs hashtag on Twitter. Check Comic Ops to see opportunities specifically for comic creators.

Conventions and Events

Con or Bust has free tickets available for people of color for a number of upcoming conventions, including the Nebula Conference, CrossingsCon, and more.

Here’s a list of international zine fests brought to you by ZINES!


Fan Zines

Looking for more fan zines to submit to? Check out this spreadsheet created by magicalzombie for more! Have a finished zine project you want to advertise? Check out Zine RTer!

button_new3 Games

  • button_new3 (London, UK) Roll7 is seeking a Lead Programmer, a Lead Artist, and Admin/Assistant Intern. Employees work from home 9 days out of 10.

Mentorships & Fellowships

Residencies, Retreats, and Workshops

  • (New York, NY) The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling is seeking an artist-in-residence for 2019-2020 and accepting applications until April 15. The selected artist will be granted a non-living studio, $7,000 honorarium, and the possibility of earning additional income by leading workshops with museum patrons.
  • button_new3 (Portland, OR) Tin House’s Summer Workshop is currently accepting applications for its July 7-14 event. General applications are due by April 7, and most scholarship applications are due by March 3. Writers who focus on graphic narratives, were previously incarcerated, are single parents, are still-emerging (over 40 and unpublished, are immigrants, or are currently enrolled in or be a graduate of the MFA program at IAIA.
  • button_new3 (Portland, OR) The Independent Publishing Resource Center is accepting applications from Black artists and writers, Indigenous artists and writers, and artists and writers of color, either as individuals or small groups. Two writers, two visual artists, and one small group of 2-4 people will be selected each year for the next three years, and will be awarded a $3,000 stipend and access to studio space, classroom space, counsel from IRPC staff, and more.
  • button_new3 The Jack Jones Retreat is accepting applications for its third annual retreat until March 31. 16 fellowships are available to applicants.

Check out the Alliance of Art CommunitiesArts for LA, College Art Opportunities for exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities.

Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Grants

  • The Queer Press Grant is currently accepting submissions through today, March 1.
  • GLAAD’s Rising Stars Grant is accepting applications from people aged 18-30 who enhance intersectional LGBTQ media advocacy and representation in their communities until March 10. Recipients will receive $5,000 and will attend the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.
  • button_new3 The Scholarship from Hell is accepting applications until March 15. Recipients will receive domestic coach airfare to and from the StokerCon venue, a 4-night stay at the convention, free registration to StokerCon , and placement in Horror University, multiple workshops.
  • The Creators for Creators Grant is accepting applications from single cartoonists or writer/artist duos until March 18. Applicants must not have ever been published by a third-party publisher, and stories pitches must be between 64-100 pages upon completion.
  • The Ann Whitford Paul—Writer’s Digest Manuscript Award is accepting submissions until April 1. $1,000 will be granted to a picture book manuscript from any SCBWI picture book writers who are not under contract and/or have not sold a picture book manuscript in the last three years.

  • The Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant is accepting applications from nonfiction writers with a signed contract from a publisher until April 22.

Check out Arts for LA, College Art Opportunities, or this list by ProFellow for grant opportunities.


Sign up to teach at Skillshare to earn royalties based on the premium member students in your class. See here for additional information.

Voice Acting

Check the Casting Call Club and Voice Acting Space for more voice acting and audio opportunities.

Writing and Editing

Check out writingcareer.com for a list of calls for submission!

Youth & Internships



Remember to check ComiXologyDick Blick, Jerry’s Art-A-Rama, JoannMichael’s, and RightStuf for their weekly ads, coupons, and specials on comics and art supplies.


That’s it for this week! Look out for another post next week with these categories and possibly more. Is there something you’d like to see more of? Something you know about but don’t see here? Let me know! 

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Link to the previous Roundup: Weekly Roundup – February 22, 2019

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