Weekly Roundup: December 3, 2021

Welcome to Paper Cat Press’s Weekly Roundup! In the Weekly Roundup, I provide links and summarized information about the crowdfunded projects, creator opportunities, and resources that have caught my eye over the week. I hope you enjoy! Links featuring adult content or that identify as adult material will be marked NSFW! I am not sponsored by any company, group, or individual listed below or elsewhere on this site unless otherwise stated.

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  • The “Resources” area of the Roundup is getting some remodeling. Some resources have been relocated; some have not. I’m hoping to work out a new solution for their sharing and organization in the near future. Thank you for your patience!
  • Paper Cat’s listings are largely focused on the US job markets. Do you know about resources similar to Paper Cat that focus on other countries? Please contact me and let me know!
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Social Resources

Remember to rest, eat, and drink water when you can. Take care of yourself the best that you can. You, your presence, and your work have an incredible impact on the people around you. You should be here.


  • Nilah Magruder shared this Illustration Awards Masterlist. Scroll down to the Resources section to see even more that Nilah has contributed to the community for free. Thank you so much, Nilah!

Crowdfunded Projects

owlpeoplebook1 button_new3 Letty Wilson is currently raising funds to publish Owl People Book 1: The Fruit. Owl People is a dark fantasy comic about fairies forced to live secretly on the margins of the human world. This first volume collects the first six chapters in a black and white print book with new title pages, endpapers, and extra sketch pages (pending stretch funding goals). Reward options include physical and/or digital copies of the book, a campaign exclusive print, a notebook, PDFs of the artbook and collected shorts, and a PDF of the TTRPG Cursed Concrete, and original art. The campaign ends on December 11.

Please check the Comics section on Kickstarter to find even more creative crowdfunding campaigns to support.



Animation Resources:

Check this list of animation and gaming jobs worldwide. You can find a directory of currently open animation jobs at animatedjobs.comSee Entertainment Careers for more listings.

Comics, Illustration, and More

  • Band of Bards is accepting submissions for “From the Static,” an original horror anthology, until December 31. Their informational website states that “compensation will be made to all creator teams after the successful pre-order/crowdfunding campaign,” but the amount of compensation is not provided.
  • button_new3 Tin House will accept submissions of debut fiction novels and graphic novels, both originally in English and in translation (please only submit translation projects which the translator has already been granted formal permission to translate), that have a completed draft. Eligible writers must not currently have an agent, and must not have previously published a book (chapbooks okay). Submissions will be accepted from January 1, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. PT to January 3, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Limit Break Comics is accepting pitch submissions for its upcoming anthology Down Below: A Greek Myth Noir Anthology until 11:59pm (GMT) on January 28, 2022. Teams will be paid €50 per page, with pay increases based on Kickstarter campaign success.
  • The Pokémon TCG Illustration Contest 2022 is accepting submissions from artists residing in Japan and the United States. Choose from eight different Pokémon and illustrate your chosen Pokémon living out a normal day in its life. Submit artwork until January 31, 2022, at 6:59 PM for a chance to win up to $5,000 cash. Artists can submit up to three illustrations.
  • The Silent Manga Competition is accepting entries for its 17th contest with the theme “Moments of Haste, Rage, or Smiles.” Comics must be wordless and be submitted by January 31, 2022.

Comics/Illustration Careers: Comics/Illustration Opportunities:
  • Anathema is open to portfolio submissions from illustrators for new/original and/or reprint cover art.
  • Arledge Comics is accepting submissions of all-ages comics on a rolling basis.
  • AZE Journal is accepting general submissions of articles, collections, abstract expressions, and more on topics which may or may not intersect or resonate with elevating discourse on (a)sexuality, (a)romanticism, and (a)gender identity, and attraction broadly. There is no payment for publication at this time.
  • The BioWare Gear Store is looking for artists who want to turn their work into official merch. The work is paid.
  • button_new3 Bi Visibility – A Bisexual Comic Book Anthology Volume 2 is accepting applications from writers and artists.
  • Cloudscape Comics is open for submissions from individuals or teams that are at least 50% current or former BC / Yukon / NWT / Nunavut residents with a minimum interior page count of 45.
  • DisabledCartoonists.com has launched! Submissions at CartoonistsofColor.com and QueerCartoonists.com have reopened. Thank you Mari Naomi and Cameron for all of your work in creating and maintaining these priceless resources!
  • Fieldmouse Press is open to submissions of high-quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry comics that have a clear voice and artistic vision. Editors solicit promising work from a variety of sources, including translation and localization of comics never before published in English.
  • GenderTerror is accepting submissions of LGBTQ+ horror from artists and writers.
  • New Naratif welcomes pitches from freelancers in Southeast Asia (or from the Southeast Asian diaspora) about stories and issues that matter to Southeast Asia and Southeast Asians. Submissions may include research, journalism, comics, videos, podcasts, etc..
  • The New Southern Fugitives is seeking submissions of fiction, book reviews, essays, poetry, photography, and visual art from creators in the South.
  • Pencil Cat Distribution is a new online store management and order fulfillment service for artists, designers, and creators in Canada. Artists with original artwork are invited to apply; fanart is not allowed at this time. (Note: Although our names are similar, Paper Cat is not affiliated with Pencil Cat.)
  • POMEgranate Magazine is accepting pitches from artists and writers.
  • Online LGBT+ creator’s collective Rain Arrow is accepting applications on a rolling basis for any LGBT+ creatives interested in hosting a shop on their hub.
  • Scholastic Canada invites professional illustrators to email sample art and links to an online portfolio to Andrea Casault, Art Director at acasault[at]scholastic.ca.
  • button_new3 (Los Angeles, CA) WEBTOON is seeking a Creative Producer.

Comics/Illustration Resources:

Check out Arts for LA, Call for Entry, College Art Opportunities, or Graphic Competitions for more exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities. Check Chris Arrant’s #ComicJobs hashtag on Twitter.

Conventions and Events

Many conventions and major events have been cancelled due to travel restrictions, guest cancellations, and preventative responses to the spread of COVID-19. Please check in frequently with any event you have planned through 2021, and, as always, wash your hands.

Check this list of animation and gaming jobs worldwide. Mitch Dyer shared a doc full of Game Dev jobs. Work With Indies lists game dev jobs with independent studios.


Fan Zines

Looking for fan zines to submit to? Check out Apps4Zines on Twitter.


  • Brass Lion Entertainment is an entertainment studio headquartered in New York City and Montréal focused on creating original fictional universes that center on Black, Brown, and other traditionally marginalized characters, cultures, and stories. They’re seeking a Build Programmer, a Game Designer, a Gameplay Programmer, a Lead 3D Environment Artist, a Senior Engine Programmer, a Senior Graphics Programmer, and a UI/UX Programmer.
  • (Austin, TX, currently REMOTE) Farbridge is seeking a 3D Character Artist, a 3D Character Animator, and an Unreal C++ Engineer.
  • (REMOTE or Los Angeles, CA) Gravity Well is seeking a Senior Gameplay Designer, a Senior Level Designer, and a Senior Systems Designer.
  • Kitten Cup Studio is looking for an experienced character rigger and animator to bring to life a variety of cat characters for their upcoming game Pekoe. This is a remote work-for-hire contract open to Ontario residents. This position is compensated at $25/h. The contract is for 960 hours split between 16 characters, but may be extended depending on your experience and skill to include other work.
  • (Melbourne, Australia) The League of Geeks is seeking a Technical Director. Relocation assistance is available.
  • Nix Hydra Games is seeking a Games Programmer, a Games Executive Producer, and a Mobile Games QA Lead Contractor.
  • Playtonic is seeking a Product Marketing Manager, a Producer, a Publishing Producer, a Senior Programmer Lead, and a Senior Technical Artist.
  • (Seattle, WA) Polyarc Games is seeking an Environment Artist, a Gameplay Animator, a Mid-Level or Senior 3D Artist, a Mid-Level or Senior Character Artist, a Senior Product Manager, a Senior Technical Artist, and a System/DevOps Engineer.
  • (Stockholm, Sweden) Star Sable is seeking team members for “Project Curie,” and filling these roles: a Lead QA, an Open World Designer, a Senior 3D Character Artist, a Senior Product/Brand Marketing Manager, a Senior Technical Animator, and a Technical Director.
  • (Oval, London, UK, currently REMOTE) ustoo games is seeking a Technical Artist (contract).
  • (Dublin, Ireland; currently Remote) Vela Games is seeking an Art Manager, a Character Concept Artist, a Lead 3D Character Artist, a Senior Animator, a Senior Art Producer, a Senior Combat Designer, a Senior Technical Artist, a VFX Artist, and more.

Game Dev Resources:

Check this list of animation and gaming jobs worldwideMitch Dyer shared a doc full of Game Dev jobsWork With Indies lists game dev jobs with independent studios.

Mentorships & Fellowships

  • Rogue Writing Mentors shares affiliated agented authors who are offering mentorship independently, open internationally. This includes mentors who focus in traditional publishing (prose/graphic novels) and self-published works. Individual mentors will have their own closing day, so check their individual tags.

Residencies, Retreats, and Workshops

  • button_new3 The Jane Hoppen residency is accepting applications from emerging writers who represent the LGBTQ+ community and/or explore LGBTQ+ topics in their work until December 15. Two finalists will receive one-month access to both New York locations.
  • ViciousMinutesHour is accepting applications from Black Trans folk for two Artist-in-Residence positions. The artist-in-residence opportunity pays $225 CDN per week and serves as a space/time grant, providing an additional source of income for the general work applicants do as an artist.

Check out the Alliance of Art CommunitiesArts for LA, College Art Opportunitiesor Creative Capital for exhibition, residency, and grant opportunities.

Scholarships, Sponsorships, and Grants

Check out Arts for LA, College Art Opportunities, or this list by ProFellow for grant opportunities.


Sign up to teach at Skillshare to earn royalties based on the premium member students in your class. See here for additional information.

Voice Acting

  • Six to Start is seeking voice talent for a number of roles. They pay £50 GBP per hour, plus an additional £25 GBP set up fee for each recording session, and can pay in local currencies if preferred.

Check the Casting Call Club for more voice acting and audio opportunities.

Writing and Editing

  • Submissions to We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2021 for Queer short fiction reprints from 2021 are open until December 31.
  • button_new3 Tin House will accept submissions of debut fiction novels and graphic novels, both originally in English and in translation (please only submit translation projects which the translator has already been granted formal permission to translate), that have a completed draft. Eligible writers must not currently have an agent, and must not have previously published a book (chapbooks okay). Submissions will be accepted from January 1, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. PT to January 3, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Transmogrify! is accepting submissions of stories about literally magical trans and non-binary teens as written by figuratively magical trans and non-binary authors. One or two stories will be selected from submissions and will be featured within the anthology, to be published by HarperTeen in Summer 2023. Submit by January 14, 2022 at 11:59pm PT for consideration.

Writing/Editing/Publishing Careers: Writing opportunities:
  • Anathema Magazine is seeking prose, poetry, and cover art submissions from queer/two-spirit person of color/Indigenous/Aboriginal people.
  • Anime Feminist is looking for contributors. Read here for more information. Article writers will be paid $50 per article.
  • Anime News Network is seeking Freelance Editorial Contributors.
  • Autostraddle is seeking #LoveLettersToTransPeople. Write a short love letter to trans people all over who are trying to get through the holidays, and email it to xoai [at] autostraddle.com. Include your own name and location if desired. Letters may be edited for length if published. They’re also hiring an Art Director, a Senior Director of Advertising Sales, and a Deputy Editor.
  • beestung is accepting submissions from non-binary and two-spirit writers. Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, hybrids, and art with intracommunity sensibilities are welcome. Contributors will be paid a $20 honorarium.
  • Cake Creative is seeking submissions from queer writers for a work-for-hire opportunity. They would especially love to hear from BIPOC queer writers.
  • Carnation Books is accepting submissions of f/f historical romance of at least 50,000 words from fanfiction authors.
  • CBR is seeking experienced writers to write on comic book news, analyses, and movie and tv show casting news.
  • Clarksworld Magazine is looking for fiction and nonfiction contributors and pays up to $0.10 per word.
  • CRAFT is accepting submissions of short and flash fiction, with a free “fast-response” option available to BIPOC and other historically mis- and underrepresented writers. Fast responses will be given within four weeks of submission. If CRAFT declines your work, they will offer a few lines of actionable feedback. They pay $200 for accepted short stories and $100 for flash fiction. Each published story includes an editor’s introduction as well as a craft essay (author’s note) by the writer.
  • Online monthly magazine The Dark is accepting submissions from 2000 to 6000 words in length. Encouraged genres include horror and dark fantasy, but graphic, violent horror is not desired. Payment is $0.06/word for up to 6000 words. Republishing payment is $0.01/word.
  • The Deadlands, a new monthly speculative fiction magazine, is accepting short fiction and nonfiction submissions of up to 5000 words and pays $0.10/word.
  • The Drinking Gourd is accepting pitches from Black Muslims. They accept work across all genres with a particular fondness for Afrofuturism and speculative fiction. All contributors are paid a $75 flat rate.
  • Interstellar Flight Press is accepting submissions of essays and book-length nonfiction manuscripts.
  • Interlude Press has reopened to submissions.
  • New Naratif welcomes pitches from freelancers in Southeast Asia (or from the Southeast Asian diaspora) about stories and issues that matter to Southeast Asia and Southeast Asians. Submissions may include research, journalism, comics, videos, podcasts, etc..
  • POMEgranate Magazine is accepting pitches from artists and writers.
  • Scholastic Canada is currently interested in reviewing unpublished material by writers from underrepresented communities, including Black writers, Indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ writers and writers who identify with other marginalized groups. They are also accepting manuscripts via literary agents.
  • The SFWA blog is open to nonfiction submissions that might be of interest to new and/or established writers of science fiction and fantasy.
  • The Temper is seeking written works, particularly from marginalized writers, that relate to sobriety, addiction, or recovery.
  • Three-Lobed Burning Eye is seeking original speculative short stories and flash fiction. Accepted authors of short stories will receive $100 and for flash fiction authors will receive $30.
  • button_new3 (New York, NY) Yen Press is seeking an Associate Production Editor/Production Editor and Editorial Assistants.

Writing/Editing/Publishing Resources:

Youth and Internships



  • Affinity is offering its programs at a 50% discount following a free 90-day trial.
  • ArtStation is offering free subscriptions through the end of 2021. With a subscription, you can access as many ArtStation Learning courses as you like.

Remember to check ComiXologyDick Blick, Jerry’s Art-A-Rama, JoannMichael’s, and RightStuf for their weekly ads, coupons, and specials on comics and art supplies.


That’s it for this week! Is there something you’d like to see more of? Something you know about but don’t see here? Let me know!



 Thank you to Steven, April, Ari, C. Ellis, M Sorcier, Rene, SAWHAND, Bones, Elle, Geneva, Jesse, Abi, Amanda, Andi, Annie, BlackHairedDemon, Catherine, Char, Clorinspats, Eric, Farid, Frannie, Hedwig, Heidi, Ian, Jasmine, Julius, Kat, Laura, M Maaike, metouji, Michi, Myfawny, Ravi, and Sheika for your support on Patreon!

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Link to the previous Roundup: Weekly Roundup: November 27, 2021

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